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Need help on finding Music Engine JSR routine for SMB2! (US)

Need help on finding Music Engine JSR routine for SMB2! (US)
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I am hacking SMB2(US). and I needed some more help tracing the JSR for the music engine. Due to the problem of finding the stuff that makes it bankswitch, Nothing can be done to make any other NSF work besides SMB2 Final and SMB2 prototype.

I know how to replace the ASM, Just need help with the music bank vs. the bankswitching.

Also, If I look at the RAM editor in FCEU XD (SP) You could not see where the bank is loaded. That proves it is hidden VIA a bankswitch. Same with other emulators such as NNNesterJ.

Please, If anyone figures it out, then Respond. The info has not been cracked but can be used for having extra music space. And this is critically valuable code for NESDEV-ers so they cannot waste code in $8000-$FFFF for music (Think of SMB1. Then figure out how SMB2 puts it in a different place than SMB1)

SMB1 uses almost the whole E000-FFFF space. Smb2, Smb3 and other (bigger) games used a unknown place for thier music.

Please do not harm me for this. I wanted some help. Could not do the music without more info about how SMB2/SMB3 ect. does this (At least some ASM).

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CKY-2K/Clay Man wrote:

Because like it or not, people go here for advanced romhacking questions, possibly because Acmlm's Board split into three pieces, each hating the other two.

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Well it seems like he just goes and and registers on boards relating to mario just to ask about things instead of working on it himself.