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Mapper 0, test on hardware?

Mapper 0, test on hardware?
by on (#29336)
Does anyone have a dev-cart (mapper 0) that they can flash with a little game I made for the NES? Just to see if it works on the real thing.

I wrote it years ago back when I was a sophomore in highschool for some random school project. I recently found it and the source code nested incredibly deep in my old hard drive haha, and I've always wondered if it'd work on the real thing.

Don't mind the text in the game, it's incredibly lame as I had to make it "school appropriate" and it had to follow a certain theme the teacher predetermined so I didn't have freedom in making the script or anything so it's really undeniably incredibly lame haha. If I remember correctly, I wrote this in about 2 weeks and it was completely rushed, but I'm still curious. So let me know if you can test it :).
I'd appreciate it.

by on (#29340)
There are a lot of people with a PowerPak or something similar who would be willing to try something on hardware that you've already tried in Nestopia and Nintendulator (not Nesticle). If it doesn't work in the newer top-tier emulators, other people might try to help you bring it up to the point where it does work.

by on (#29355)
Don't worryl it works perfect in both Nintendulator and Nestopia.
Haha. I don't think I ever even tested it in Nesticle xP.

But I'll post the ROM when I get back from class.
Thanks :).