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extracting games from mulicarts

extracting games from mulicarts
by on (#27400)
how do people extract an individual game from a multicart rom?

by on (#27408)
With a hex editor

Of course, this where the corrupt SMB1 dump came from.

by on (#27409)
how long does that take? is it hard?

by on (#27411)
It's not hard if you know the bankswitching of the muticart, can use a hex editor and in some cases hack initialization code.

by on (#27433)
I knew that. 8) "Tropical fishing is what i call it"!

by on (#27503)
Use HEX editor, for example:
You want rip STAR FORCE game:
- download Star Force rom file from any rom site
- open HEX editor and see first bytes of Star Force PRG rom data and CHR data
- open Dumped multicart
- use SEARCH option in HEX editor and search Star Force PRG and CHR data first bytes
- Mark/Cut/Paste Data into new file (Join PRG+CHR)
- add header

any other games in multicart - similar method
:D :lol:

by on (#27506)
Or if you have only the multicart, and it runs in an emulator, you can replace the first two steps:
- start game in emulator
- open PRG/CHR memory viewer and see first bytes of Star Force PRG rom data and CHR data
- set the emulator to log mapper writes
- start game in emulator
- from the log, determine which banks are being used

by on (#27551)
how do you add a header?

by on (#27554)
With a hex editor

by on (#27578)
This thread reminds me of that one time I extracted the SMB rom from the 3-in-1 Nintendo made (SMB/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet).

by on (#27591)
And the time I went the other way.