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Some questions about $4011, BG enemies, and color $0D

Some questions about $4011, BG enemies, and color $0D
by on (#26258)
There were some things I was wondering about:

    * Which games write to $4011 during gameplay without pausing for whole frames (like most games that use $4011)? Gauntlet II does for voices and most of its sound effects, Ultimate Stuntman does for its drums, and The Empire Strikes Back does for voices. Are there any else?

    * Which games use nametables to render most of its moving enemies and other characters? Most of Gauntlet's enemies use the BG, and Napoleon Senki renders the soldiers to the BG during battles. Are there other games that use this method? Are there games that use similar methods to render moving bosses (not the blank background for moving boss method)?

    * Besides The Immortal, which games use color $0D as black, in addition to $0F?

by on (#26261)
Battletoads and Battletoads and Double Dragon : The Ultimate Team are well known to use $4011 for sound effects during the games and drums on their respective title screen, but they effectively pause shortly when playing such sound effects.
Rad Racer 2 and Final Fantasy III uses $4011 without pausing, but they just uses it to create pops, simulating a bass drum.

All Final Fantasy games uses BG for ennemies, and Dragon Warrior II to IV too. The enemies don't move, tough. Some enemies and most bosses in Contra and Super C uses BG, most of them don't move, but some does. Some mini-bosses in Mega Man games uses BG as well, the penguin in Gemini Man's Stage (Mega Man III), the cat from Top Man's stage (Mega Man III) and the snail from Toad Man's stage (Mega Man IV) comes to mind. Only parts of them moves, and only those parts are sprites. Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Gaiden draws everyone in BG, exept the unit moving (this apply both on the field and in battle screen). Just Breed also draws everyone in BG, exept one or a few unit moving/selected.

The color $0d is to avoid at all cost due to it's negative voltage it can output on NTSC consoles, howver $1d, $0e, $1e, $2e, $3e, $1f, $2f and $3f are uncommon valid forms of black on the NES.

by on (#26262)
Game Genie uses color $0D if I remember right.

BTW, I always wondered how FF2 and FF3 pull off the effect seen when an enemy is defeated, or in FF3's case when an enemy appears (either at the start of a boss battle or when an enemy uses Split or Summon).

by on (#26263)
FF3's enemy defeated effect is done by overlaying black sprites on top of the enemy, and taking out tiles as necessary.

by on (#26264)
Bregalad wrote:
The color $0d is to avoid at all cost due to it's negative voltage it can output on NTSC consoles

In that case, were there any complaints about The Immortal glitching on TVs, back when it was released? Since it also uses all the emphasis bits, $0d's voltage would be even lower than normal, so maybe there were problems.