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New Commercial NES Games?!

New Commercial NES Games?!
by on (#26071)
I'm looking for developers to code games for NES emulators. The games I want are similar to the existing ones, except that they are legal for my use. If anyone is interested, then please contact me.

Thank you.


by on (#26072)
Which games do you want cloned first? And given "commercial" in the title, is this a paid position?

by on (#26074)
Yes, this is a paid position :)

I want more than one game. A developer can suggest a game to develop or I can give one.

by on (#26075)
How many people are you hiring?

How much money are we talking? You do realize that the best games of the system were developed by a team of well paid professionals over months to years, right?

Will there be artists or will programmers multi task?

What qualifies a commercial grade game? Will this be produced or is it just for your enjoyment? Do you want rights to the game?

by on (#26077)
I'll pay per game. The developer can reuse codes, graphics, ideas found online, such as GPL stuff. Also, there is no need for background music. I reclaim rights to the gams in my local market only (not USA, Japan, Europe, or Russia)

by on (#26078)
Let me guess, Nigeria or China! :P

Anywho, one important question is will these games be played on real hardware? If so will it be cheap NOAC hardware? If so, things'd have to be more precise than...say...on an emulator.

by on (#26080)
Well, I did not disclose many things in purpose. I want to keep the details for private discussion with a developer. The aim behind this post is to find NES games developers.

BTW, China, Nigeria, and the UN have nothing to do with this :D

by on (#26081)
Well, you are in NESDev; almost everyone here should be interested in NES development.

Personally I think it would be better for you to publicly state your intentions so you have some chance at being taken seriously.

by on (#26082)
kyuusaku wrote:
Personally I think it would be better for you to publicly state your intentions so you have some chance at being taken seriously.

I have to agree here. There have been threads like this before.


by on (#26083)
If we're lucky, this could be a former pirate multicart maker trying to go straight, a chance for NESdev's big break. Imagine finally getting a tetromino game with more responsive control than Tengen's dated Tetяis and Nintendo's equally dated Tetris. I've sent a PM.

by on (#26084)
More responsive control? What, the other Tetris games not responsive enough?

by on (#26085)
I'm straight and I post this clearly asking for a developer to make commercial games. I'm starting my small company selling localized games at low prices in the local market. So, why you start think of Nigeria, piracy, etc. when one comes and asks for legitimate games development?!

And for all developers, all work will be done through They will handle all payments and legal issues.

by on (#26086)

by on (#26087)
atari2600a wrote:

I was not really prepared for this question :lol:

I think PAL, but could you please elaborate more why this is important?

by on (#26088)
Timing of music drivers & amount of processing time available during the vblank period.

by on (#26089)
doppelganger wrote:
More responsive control? What, the other Tetris games not responsive enough?

Key repeat on the older NES puzzle games (Tetяis, Tetris, Dr. Mario) is slow, especially compared to that of games from the Sega tradition (Columns, Puyo, Tetris The Grand Master). If you have Tetris and Tetris DX for Game Boy, move a tetromino side to side to see what I mean. Or just watch this video of modern Tetris.

No, I didn't mean to accuse anyone of piracy. I just had dreams of getting my work onto one of the multicarts included with Famiclones sold at mall kiosks around holiday times.

I'm signing up for rentacoder.

NTSC vs. PAL matters because the following differ between NTSC and PAL:
  • Pixel aspect ratio (so characters don't look too fat or too skinny; see previous discussion)
  • Number of CPU cycles per scanline (for split screens and other raster effects)
  • Number of vertical blank scanlines per frame (for screen updates during vertical blank)
  • Number of frames per second (for speeds such as character movement and music tempo)
  • Length of audio chip period unit (for proper sound effect pitch)

by on (#26090)
I really wasn't aware about the technical differences between PAL and NTCS games. So, my answer now is PAL but that may change few days ahead, I'm not sure.

Developers with existing freeware or opensource games are recommended. That is because their work can be branded and delivered in short time.

I already have a bid in RAC for this, please see: ... tId=737899

by on (#26091)

That should settle the NTSC/PAL problem.

Anyways, if you're going to be building NES carts (as opposed to Famicom carts or emulator ROM's), keep in mind that you'll need to get your hands on 10NES chips so the lockout chip doesn't stop you in your tracks. That is unless you plan to just use a hundred SMB/Duck Hunt carts to pop the ROM's onto.

by on (#26092)
Or use the CIClone :) bunnyboy has been using them with great success in his carts.

by on (#26110)
Anyone had a look at the bid on RAC:?:

by on (#26121)
tepples wrote:
I've sent a PM.
And I replied :)

by on (#26190)
hm this sounds like fun

by on (#26191)
eKid wrote:
hm this sounds like fun
Sure it is :)