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Releasing the source code for my multi-song NSF player...

Releasing the source code for my multi-song NSF player...
by on (#25722)

I want to release the source for Alex Mauer's Vegavox, the album I programmed for him (pictured here: However, it will be released without his graphics or NSF. But as this was my first project, the code is quite messy, so I guess my questions are:

1. Is there any "standard" for releasing code? It will be commented, but what would be the most "common" way of releasing it so it would need the least amount of work to be assembled by the most-used compilers?

2. Would anyone like to help and take a look at it for me? Maybe offer some suggestions about organization, even improvements? The code works fine on hardware (the 50 carts that were already sold, not to mention the PowerPak) and Nestopia/Nintendulator, but maybe it could still use a couple of touch ups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I want to get this out there so other people can not only use it, but improve on it!


by on (#25898)
100 copies were officially sold - mr no-carrier... i am in high anticipation of this code to be released... as i obviously intend to use it for my next projects