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NES cartridge custom box

NES cartridge custom box
by on (#25451)
I was thinking of creating a nice custom box for my PowerPak (well, it's on the way back to bunnyboy now for a transistor-fix right now, but anyway..), so I decided to start a little "reverse-engineering" of the Nintendo-game-box. ;-)
Anyway, here's a kind of early "prototype" if you're interested
The box to the right is obviously my "little box-attempt" so far, but I think it turns out quite nice so far anyway. I've printed the result with my inkjet-printer on glossy photo-paper.
So, do you think this is a nice idea or do I just have too much free time? :)

by on (#25452)
You have about 100% more free time than I do! :)

by on (#25454)
It's not enough to have free time, but you have to be able psychically to reist playing video games 80% of your free time and do worthless surfing on the net the net for 18% of your free-time, saving the last 2% for reading comics, leaving no time to do anything "constructive".

by on (#25634)
That's free time well spent. :-)

by on (#25682)
I'd caution against selling anything homemade that looks like this.

by on (#25849)
I'm actually trying to do the same thing for my NWC repro. Did you make a photoshop templete or anything? I'm essentially trying to make a blank unfolded NES box templete atm. It really shouldn't be all that hard. I think kinkos can still print card stock, if not there's a good independant printer near me that I'm pretty sure I could get a nice looking box made.