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combine prg and chr file?

combine prg and chr file?
by on (#24016)
Using ucon64 and cant figure out the command line to combine a prg and chr file...any ideas? Thank Ya

by on (#24017)
uCON64 isn't very good at NES stuff. AFAIK to join a PRG and CHR file with uCON64, you'd need to make a fake Pasofami header file which is dumb. You'd be better off using the DOS tool COPY.

copy /b file.prg + file.chr newfile.out

by on (#24037)
this doesnt seem to work for me? None of the emus will work with it (I did a test with a working rom, split, and put it back together, and wont work).

I know I used ucon64 a long time ago to do it, but I cant remember the command line =(

by on (#24038)
iNES images require an iNES header to be present before the PRG and CHR data.
how to split a rom?
by on (#26018)
You mentioned how to combine a rom file in DOS but, I was wondering how to Split a rom file into a CHR / PRG file in DOS.

Thank you

by on (#26020)
For splitting I use a quick script (well, it's part of my header fixing/cleaning script) that reads the header, then splits the chr and prg into different strings. IIRC ucon64 can split a rom into pasofami format though, so using that is easy enough if you can't script something

by on (#26030)
Hell, I just assemble both ROMS as *.bin files & include them in another ASM file right after the header.

by on (#26093)
Use Total Commander (Windows Commander)

Reneme files with added 001, 002, 003 (or more if hou have more files) as extension and click mouse on first file to combine into one file (xxx.out)


nesdemo.hdr -> nesdemo.001
nesdemo.prg -> nesdemo.002
nesdemo.chr -> nesdemo.003
and run first 001 file (click mouse on it) for make nesdemo.out (combined all three files) :D

Fast and easy :P