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Nes Console MOD (leds & ect)

Nes Console MOD (leds & ect)
by on (#23831)
Hey guys! long time no SEE!!

I am in the process of making a NES case mod

I have many questions so

my questions are the following

1. What kind of ''super bright led should i take?''

2. about Led wiring would i need to wire them to the psu? or i will need to put a new Power source only for the leds?...

3. how can i Cut the Top part of the nes ? Jigsaw?...

4. I plan on doing just a cut top With a plexi + leds Showing interior....
i saw that on a website ''forgot the URL

it looks nice & keeps the ''original nes look''

5. last question How can i make the ''NES logo on controller Shine with a led

That is all

thanks so much!
i know you guys helped me so much in the past!^^

hope to hear from you !

by on (#23839)
1. Any "super bright" one?
2. If you plan to add over 10 LEDs you will need another power source
3. However you please?
4. Is this a question?
5. Carefully cut out the logo, tape cellophane under it, solder current-limited LED in parallel with CD4021?

by on (#23854)
thanks so much!:)

but Where do i connect the leds Inside the casing?

also on the controller i will need the Exact point (i did some arcade joystick based on a nes controller but i don't remember wich is wich'' for the 5v? i think?.

''about cuttin the Top part of the nes''
I ask how is the best way to cut it = tools needed?.... i only for a jig saw... i am not sure about plastic... it might Crack it all out?...

by on (#23878)
+5V will be the top right pin, GND will be the bottom left pin.

I am not a modder, but the few times I've cut ABS plastic I melted the area with an old soldering iron, then used a hot knife to clean it up.

by on (#23883)
I'm no ee expert, but you should do some reading up on how to create a circuit with LEDs in it. Since the resistance in an LED is so low, it's usually necessary to connect it in series with a resistor.

And be careful about LED swapping, too. A long time ago, I swapped the regular red LED in the NES with a green one. It was connected the right way round, but still fried something in my NES. :-(