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patching a translation

patching a translation
by on (#23228)
does anyone know how to add an english patch to a japanese rom? i know you can patch it through the emulator, but i wanted to know how to incorporate it into the rom.

by on (#23232)
If the extension of the patch is *.ips, then you probably want to get FuSoYa's Lunar IPS. A search on Google should bring it up.

by on (#23237)
thanks, it worked great!! really easy to use as well.

by on (#23517)
I recommend you not to patch your original roms, instead use nestopia's patch on the fly. All you need it the ips filename to match the rom filename, and put it in ips folder. This way you can both keep your japanese roms clean and enjoy the translation

by on (#23521)
I personally like to make a copy of the original ROM and to apply the patch to the duplicate. This way, I can have both the original and the patch and can select between them easily in the Open dialog.

That's my taste, though, and I fully respect those who prefer soft patching.