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Finished my game (Sudoku) (added link to the rom)

Finished my game (Sudoku) (added link to the rom)
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EDIT-Get the ROM here:

I finished up my Sudoku game over the weekend. I ended up finding and fixing some bugs after sitting down and playing it for a bit. I probably shouldn't say its finished, since I may hear about bugs from my tester, but its good enough for me right now.

My earlier prototype wasnt so good. My scrolling code was glitchy, my title screen was buggy, and the puzzles I didnt have much variety in the difficulty of puzzles (they were all too hard in my opinion). I also found that testing on a real TV I hadnt aligned my nametables too well, and some of my graphics were washed out or annoying to the eyes.

Here's some screenshots (taken using an emulator). ... creens.JPG

I burned off a newer prototype and gave it to a friend who is my beta tester. After I apply whatever fixes he suggests (He already found one, I mis-spelled his name on the credits screen) I'll post the ROM and likely the source as well.

If anyone here attends the Toronto retro game show at the end of April, you can pick up a copy there. I plan on making a limited number of carts.


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Looks great!

But why is this under the Newbie Help Center forum? :)


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Oops. I guess cause I'm a newbie. :)

This is where I've been posting all my questions so I guess its the force of habit. Anyone want to move it?


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is there any other distribution besides the Toronto retro game show? perhaps a unif download? game source ? but the game to be played on hardware ?


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I'll release the ROM and source in a little while. I still have some people testing it.

The main reason I'm hesitant to release the source is that if I am doing something stupid in there (even though it works) I don't want other people learning the wrong way from me.


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cool. i am doing the same with my emulator. when done or closer to being done ill release it

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Here's where you can try out the ROM.

I'll get around to posting source code for it someday.


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Wow, I just saw this on RetroUSB! Congrats! :)


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I believe it has been for awhile.

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There might be a bug in it. Some people are reporting they are seeing weirdness. I dont see it on my emulators or real systems. If you do decide to get one, maybe wait until I figure out what the bug is.


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Can someone upload this ROM again??? Please!!!

by on (#54968)
It should still be on NESWorld, but the homebrew section was redone (and is quite extensive now).