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"Release date" of mappers

"Release date" of mappers
by on (#20629)
I'm wondering the release date of all mappers, and wich is the first game that uses them. What is in brackets is just guess, and what is not is more or less sure.
This list only contain Nintendo mappers (or mappers done on Nintendo boards), and only the fist board on a given mapper is listed (e.g. only the first letter of the board name counts as a new mapper).

Here you are my gesses (everything in brackets has not been confirmed) :
Release date : 1983
First Games using it : Launch FC games, most probably Donkey Kong and the others ?

Release date : 1986 (April ?)
First Games ever using it : (Mighty Bomb Jack, not using bankswitching), (Dragon Quest J, using bankswitching)

Release data : 6 june 1986
First game ever using it : Gumshoe (U)

Release date : (13 june) 1986
First Game ever using it : (Makaimura (J) (aka Ghosts 'n' Goblins) ?)

Release data : (15 december) 1986
First game ever using it : (Mashou (J) (aka Deadly Towers) ?)

MMC1 :
Release date : (August) 1987
First Games ever using it : Kid Icarus (USA), Metroid (USA), Highway Star (J) (A.ka Rad Racer).

DEROM (Namco 109 = Early MMC3) : 19 June 1987
First game ever using it : Family Boxing (J)

Release date : (December) 1987
First Game ever using it : Wizards and Warriors (U).

MMC2 :
Release date : November 21th 1987
First game ever using it : Myke Tyson's Punch Out (J).

MMC3 :
Release date : (October) 1988
First games ever using it : (Super Mario Bross. 3 (J), Super Mario Bross. 2 (USA) ?).

MMC4 :
Release date : August 12th 1989
First game ever using it : Famicom Wars (J).

MMC5 :
Release date : (late 1989 ?)
First game ever using it : (Uchu Kebatai SDF (September 1990), but several boards are dated from 1989 ?)

Of course there is still much to do, but this shows mainly what developpers had available at what time.

EDIT 1, 20 january 2007 : Fixed out UNROM release date, figured out ANROM relase date.

EDIT 2, 14 april 2007 : Added some less common distrete logic boards, fixed some stuff here and here.