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FDS Zelda no Densetsu v1.0

FDS Zelda no Densetsu v1.0
by on (#20212)
A friend of mine dumped recently Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy (v1.0) Only the version 1.1 was dumped so far, and he specially bought 10 disks of Zelda no Densetsu to be sure he would get some 1.0 in the pack.

As usual I checked in hexed but I found something rather strange
the build date in the header is 0x860225

In all disk I had seen so far the year is written in BCD "year of showa"
In other words you must add 1925 to get the christian calendar year

Exemple in Zelda no Densetsu v1.1
the build date 0x610402
61 + 1925 = 1986, therefore the build date in christian calendar is 1986 april 2nd

I immediately called the dumper and told him his disk was hacked
but he replied that out of the 10 disks he bought, there was 2 version 1.0 and both had the same date 0x860225

Now I'm confused and I don't know what to think anymore
I really need help from FDS knowledgable people

by on (#20217)
Just because it has an illegal header according to old reverse engineered documentation doesn't mean it's a hack... Someone decided to use the Gregorian calender year instead of the Japanese for 1.0, oh well.

by on (#20240)
thank kyuu and nevermind :D
I hae found the answer to that little "riddle" XD

by on (#20248)
X-or wrote:
thank kyuu and nevermind :D
I hae found the answer to that little "riddle" XD

What was it?

by on (#20307)
I discovered another game has the same anomaly: Nintendo's mahjong
And the FDS was launched with 7 games including Zelda (v1.0 of course) and.... Mahjong!!

So the only two games with that anomaly are among the 7 initial releases

Obviously an error form the devs who forgot to use the BCD "year of showa" format in those initial releases.