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Should I make this?

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What is it?

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hmmm, I gotta say Tepples, the topic name added with the pic and the question leave me stumped. Is it some sort of four-player mastermind in that pic?

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Took me a moment to remember the title, but it's Zoop. I played it a bit on SNES a while back. It's a good game, would work well on NES.

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Yeah, I recognized it right away. I liked that game on SNES.


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Viacom's Zoop is a bit like Taito's Plotting aka Flipull, except with a much faster pace. The sixteen rows of pieces advance slowly. Player controls a triangle that can move about freely in the center square. Shoot an object the same as the triangle (e.g. the heart in the screenshot), and the triangle plows over it. Shoot a different object, and the triangle bounces off and switches places with it.

(Incidentally, Viacom now owns franchises from Amplitude to Zoop.)

The music in the Super NES version sounded like cocktail jazz, although a couple tracks sounded too much like music from Disney's Aladdin. Zophar's has the SPC soundtrack, and I have the parody.

I made a Zoop clone on PC several years ago as part of freepuzzlearena. Yesterday I made E:\nesdev\poop\bg.chr, the CHR for a Zoop clone on NES. I don't see why it would need more than NROM-256 (or NROM-128 without music). If I can get something playable before November 19 of this year, then NES, GBA, and DS homebrew users will have number 2 before number 1.

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I would like to make sure that all TVs worth caring about can see the whole picture. If you have an NES devcart, please run this program and make sure you can see all the dots:

T.V. Safe Area Dots Test (NROM-128)

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Looks OK on my TV (Panasonic PV-M2046). The dots on the top are noticably close to the edge (2 or 3 pixels to spare maybe), but it seems alright over here.