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Part time spam online

by on (#17801)
Shut the fuck off stupid spammer. Go on and jump off a bridge NOW !

Or at least do not bother intelligent people.

by on (#17803)
Rule #1: DO NOT CLICK SPAMMER LINKS. If you must go to them, manually copy the top-level domain and go to it.

Rule #2: If a spammer posts a link that includes an obvious ID, report that to the main host. Sometimes this is against their terms of service and will cause the spammer to lose all the credits they got for posting the links.

by on (#17804)
Rule #3: Do not reply to spam posts. If you want to report them to a moderator via private message, go ahead, though it's usually not necessary since one of us will usually delete it once we see it. Like I'm going to do right now.

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