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Lizard music engine

Lizard music engine
by on (#239567)
While I was working on the demo for my compression library, I did a little bit of cleanup and organization on the music engine I used for Lizard. Just in case someone feels they need yet another NES music engine, here it is:

  • ca65 (cc65) and python 3 prerequisite
  • Subset of Famitracker
    • Volume column supported
    • No DPCM
    • No Hi-Pitch macros (but regular pitch works)
    • Tempo fixed at 150 (use Speed instead)
    • Bxx for looping
    • D00 for variable pattern length
    • F0x for variable speed
    • No other effects supported
  • Sound effects on square 1 and/or noise channel
  • 22 bytes ZP
  • 105 bytes other RAM
  • 2152 bytes of code and tables
  • ~1800 cycles per frame

I might eventually move it to its own repository but I'd want to make a dedicated demo/test first.