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Global Game Jam?

Global Game Jam?
by on (#232795)
Anybody else planning on participating in the Global Game Jam this weekend? We gotta represent! :D

Last year there were only 3 NES games. (!) Only two of which were playable, and only one that you could realistically play for more than 20 seconds.

I was pretty proud of the game my group came up with last year. ( ... ansmissing) Our local gamedev scene organized a play party at a brewery afterwards, and all the people that played it did so for at least 10 minutes. Most players sat there for almost 30 and solved all the puzzles. Not bad considering I was the only one on the team that had done any NES dev previously (which really only included a gimmicky dissassembler that ran on the NES). I'm definitely going to try and pitch a NES game again this year.

My regular job involves a lot of Unity3D, so I like to avoid that when I actually want to have fun. hehe
Re: Global Game Jam?
by on (#232803)
I threw together a little warm up project. :D

Re: Global Game Jam?
by on (#232975)
I just came back from the event in Edmonton. I am still very new in NES and gamedev. So I was doing support programming. But we've made a game!

I do want to port it to NES though.
Re: Global Game Jam?
by on (#233442)
slembcke wrote:

Hey there, this is a little off topic but that nes-embed.js, what license is it under? I was thinking if I could use it in my project where I need an embedded emulator but don't wanna copy-paste without permission :) I know JSNES is MIT, but what is the license for the embedding script?

If you wrote it, would you be able to or would you let me upload it to GitHub with MIT license (with attribution to you of course)?

Never mind, it seems to be from the JSNES repo so it's MIT!
Re: Global Game Jam?
by on (#233839)
antris wrote:
Never mind, it seems to be from the JSNES repo so it's MIT!

Yup, it's actually my original version before I submitted it to jsnes as a pull request. I should pull theirs and see if they made any changes I guess. I have a version floating around somewhere that avoids some audiocontext errors on mobile too. Not sure if the little demo I linked above has them?