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LJ65 Tetris Homebrew music improvement?

LJ65 Tetris Homebrew music improvement?
by on (#227701)
I really really love this tetris homebrew game. I would say the gameplay is the best out of all NES tetris games.
I've played this game for hours and it's pure joy unlike "old school" tetris with instant locked out, no quick drop, no wall bounce, etc...
I just wondering if there is anyway to improve the music of the game with russian folk songs that were used in Tengen's Tetris game such as Kalinka, etc...
I do hope that the developer of this game is still actively updating the game. Cheers
Re: LJ65 Tetris Homebrew music improvement?
by on (#227704)
The creator of the game officially disowned it after a particularly insane ruling that held that game rules could be copyrighted. There will never be any further development.
Re: LJ65 Tetris Homebrew music improvement?
by on (#227705)
Changing the music would actually be pretty easy. I still have source code of the very last version, and it looks like it uses an ancient version of the Pently music engine. That could be replaced with the current version and ft2pently could be used to help convert some songs for it from Famitracker, and I'm pretty sure the sound effects (and old songs if wanted) could stay because the format's the same.