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ASM6 Help

ASM6 Help
by on (#227464)
I'm working with ASM6, and have set it up correctly, but when I try to load my code all of the labels and Jumps are replaced with 'Unknown label.' and 'Can't determine address.' respectively. Does anyone know what's happening here?
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227465)
Did you include an .org somewhere?
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227466)
No, that's probably the problem then. Where should I make one, and what should I put in it?
Edit: We are talking about a .org file, right?
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227467)
I'm talking about an origin address. .org is an assembler directive that defines what the current address is.
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227468)
where do I put it then?
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227469)
;NES Header

.db "NES",$1A, ....... ;put the rest of the bytes here

.org $8000

;your program here

.org $FFFA
;6502 vectors here
.dw ResetVector
.dw NmiVector
.dw IrqVector

.incbin "mychr.chr"
Re: ASM6 Help
by on (#227482)
Maybe these templates will help you viewtopic.php?t=6160

It helped me when I started using ASM6