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cc/ca65 language extension for VS Code

cc/ca65 language extension for VS Code
by on (#215569)
I don't know if any of you are using Visual Studio Code, but in any case.

fwd from Payton Byrd in the cc65 dev mailing list:

I have just published a VS Code Extension for CC65. It has the following features:

-Syntax highlighting for ca65 (.s,.asm,.mac,.inc)
-Code snippets for assembler
-Build and link files in the /src directory with cc65/ca65/ld65
-Works with Windows and Linux (including WSL)
-Edit in Windows, compile in WSL, etc.
-Execute emulator from VS Code
-Works with Makefiles
-Build with Make
-Test with Make
-Many configurable settings that allow for very flexible usage.

Where to get it:

Download the source from GitHub:

Install extension “cc65” from within VS Code.

might be useful for someone or maybe increase some interest in using vs code.
Re: cc/ca65 language extension for VS Code
by on (#215573)
This looks great! I started implementing a VSCode plugin along similar lines. I also implemented parsing of debug files to provide Intellisense features -- "Go to definition", etc. I should clean up the code and submit it as a pull request to the project.
Re: cc/ca65 language extension for VS Code
by on (#215577)
That's a good find, never heard about this extension.

I wanted in the past to try to make one but gave up since I didn't want to be "trapped" again in some MS tools. But now that someone started one I may be interested to use it.

I do use vscode at work and it does the job for TypeScript and angular but its memory footprint is quite big because of electron. Except for that it is quite an interesting IDE.
Re: cc/ca65 language extension for VS Code
by on (#216623)
Thanks for sharing this! I've been using VS code for my ventures into NESdev, and this is super helpful.

I really tried to use Atom, but it seems to be a massive resource hog. Which is a little bizarre, since both VScode and Atom are built on Electron.