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by on (#14293)
Hmm... Title music sounds incorrect for me if I use PAL mode in emulator. In case of playing DMC channel... Frequency is higher than normal i think... When I'm using my PAL famiclone sound still nice... [800k]

Music sounds nice on the emulator too if I use DMC table for NTSC while playing in PAL mode.

I wanted someone who can record music from original RAF World or Journey to Silius NTSC on real PAL console, I haven't any normal NES (PAL or NTSC), only famiclones here. ;)

And what do this PAL and NTSC DMC tables come from?

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Is RAF World the Japanese version? It seems that your Famiclone is made to be compatible with NTSC sound.

The PAL and NTSC CPUs in the NES are different chips. The DMC frequency tables were adjusted so they sound the same (and noise too I suppose?), but the other sound channels are at a lower pitch on PAL and need to be adjusted in the software.