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nes2edit - iNES header editor (windows)

nes2edit - iNES header editor (windows)
by on (#206088)
In 2011 Quietust made a really handy iNES header editor for Windows. I actually use it all the time. After discovering a minor bug in it yesterday, I noticed its source code was available and gave it a slight update.

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  • Fixed bug that failed to update iNES header version radio button on load.
  • Support for opening a ROM via command line.
  • Switched from "multi byte" to "unicode".
  • vcproj/sln converted to VS2008.

Original version here:
Re: nes2edit - iNES header editor (windows)
by on (#206090)
Nice to know somebody actually uses that tool - when I get a chance, I'll look over the changes and update the version on my site accordingly (and probably add some proper documentation).

Incidentally, that header editor is also built into Nintendulator, so I'll probably be fixing the same bug there as well.
Re: nes2edit - iNES header editor (windows)
by on (#206117)
Oh I've been looking for such a tool for quickly viewing or editing iNES/NES2.0 headers, but been unable to find one. I've been using Nintendulator and more recently Mesen for this.
Re: nes2edit - iNES header editor (windows)
by on (#206134)
I use it all the time in tandem with emulators that do not view headers properly. It's a great tool.