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Assistance required to label music player code

Assistance required to label music player code
by on (#196444)
I have long wanted to port elements of one of my favourite NES titles, FF3j, across to the Atari 8-bit family. Currently I've been examining the music and have made some headway in using a simple C program to export song/pattern data to a text file (I've used such a technique with native A8 music players in the past). Being new to the APU I've only been able to make a poor stab at giving appropriate labels to the working variables in Page $7F and hence can't identify what some of the 'commands' are doing. Therefore if anyone is willing to provide better labels (and perhaps some explanation around any complex bits) then that would help me greatly.

The FF1 disassembly sources available online appear to use a similar approach to note/rest and duration but have a different command set and it would make sense that the player would have evolved over 2 & 3.