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Broken Palette Links / and another Palette Choice

Broken Palette Links / and another Palette Choice
by on (#189265)
I tried several of the links to NES palettes (.pal files) on this board, and they seem to be broken...

Specifically, the links to some of FirebrandX's palettes, and Kizul's 'definitive' palette. (I know that FirebrandX has his own website, but the files there are much different than they were a year ago).



Wouldn't it make sense to have some of the better palettes stored here? Somewhere.

EDIT: the link on page 3 of the Kizul Palette, where he changed a few things, not the link on page 2 with the original palette. The one that starts...*EDIT: aaaaaaand that's done now. and goes to a .cx Christmas Islands website.
Re: Broken Palette Links
by on (#189480)
I largely maintain (with the help of others) an archive of all the NES palettes I can find on the emulation wiki. All past and present FBX palettes are there, along with the Kizul palettes. ... e#Download

The Kizul palette on page 3 is included (note the modification date of the file and the post on page 3).
Re: Broken Palette Links
by on (#189484)
Thank you for posting that. Very interesting.

I don't know which one I like best (for accuracy), but somehow they all seem a little wrong. Kizul's palette comes pretty close. I think I'm going to have to just make my own. I know, I know, every TV is different. I'm weird like that.
Re: Broken Palette Links
by on (#189565)
I've gone and edited the heck out of the Kizul palette, using a very high tech device called 'my eyes'. This looks right to me.

NTSC-DF2.pal [192 Bytes]
Downloaded 260 times

PaletteDF3.png [ 51.91 KiB | Viewed 4004 times ]

Compared to my CRT TV, with the brightness turned to about 35%.
Re: Broken Palette Links
by on (#189566)
Notable difference to the Kizul Definitive palette, all the 2x colors have been lightened, especially around 27-28. This is why...

DEJAVU.png [ 52.87 KiB | Viewed 4031 times ]

RYGAR.png [ 62.77 KiB | Viewed 4031 times ]

(note, I did gamma correct the photo of my TV in both).
Re: Broken Palette Links
by on (#189567)
And, 22...well, really all the blues...01/11/21/31 02/12/22/32, have been shifted in hue slightly.

SMB.png [ 59.85 KiB | Viewed 4031 times ]

This seems more appropriate to me.