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Who can test mic programs?

Who can test mic programs?
by on (#185662)
At this point I'm at a roadblock. I want to make tests for the microphone in controller II of an original Famicom, in particular a waveform monitor and an audio latency tester, but I don't have a Famicom to test on. Can I rely on someone here to help test?
Re: Who can test mic programs?
by on (#185680)
If no one else can I can do it. But you'll have to wait until sometime after new year.

My microphone is old and very insensetive though (as in most Famicoms), and doesn't work so great in some of the more picky games (like Paluthena and Bokosuka Wars).
Re: Who can test mic programs?
by on (#185682)
I have a Twin Fami (and Famicom Titler) but not an original red&white Famicom -- is the OG one necessary?

I did make a waveform monitor that you can check out here:

And some relevant "famicom mic deafness" info is in this post:
Re: Who can test mic programs?
by on (#185743)
I need to have everything finished by the end of January. So that gives a couple weeks for this to work. For initial testing, I'll set it up to use $4017 D4 or D3 so that the trigger of my Zapper or the fire button of my Arkanoid paddle can act as a stand-in until it's time to start testing with an actual mic ($4016 D2).

Thanks for the pointers. Any FC other than AV should be fine for basic functionality of what I'm trying to do: hold the mic to the TV's speaker, generate a 1 kHz triangle wave, then count milliseconds until the mic responds. But with any output test, it's best to get results from a wide range of models. Is the Twin's mapper audio mixing level close to that of the original? I'm told the AV's is way off.

Do any PAL famiclones have a mic?
Re: Who can test mic programs?
by on (#185850)
I should be able to use my Famicom again sometime this week.

From what I heard from audio test videos of expansion sound, the Twin has a slightly different sound (it sounds more muffled), but it's probably because of the different main-board. I don't know if the expansion sound mixing level is different as they say the AV Famicom's is.

I'm no expert on Famiclones (and I never owned one), but I've seen pictures of all kinds of Famiclones (PAL and NTSC) and none of them had a mic from what I could tell, so I'd say Famiclones with a mic is very rare.