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Freelance programming gig?

Freelance programming gig?
by on (#184334)
I'm not sure of the etiquette on asking here, but I'm looking for a NES programmer for a small project.

If anyone knows the best way to ask here or similarly if this is appropriate as is, please do PM me for more details.
Re: Freelance programming gig?
by on (#184390)
Thank you for your interest in the talent in the NESdev community.

We understand that you don't want to leak details to your competitors. But to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of private replies that you receive, it might be a good idea to give some public hint about the nature and scope of the project. An animated intro? A small 1-screen game? A huge sprawling side-scroller?

For example, a comparable job posting from Electronic Arts lists duties.
It could be as simple as "I want to do a sidescrolling run'n'gun game for the NES set in a futuristic setting with about five levels."

This reply summarizes the sentiment from another discussion that turned nasty in a manner intended to be more constructive. Please excuse the snarky tone of the post that used to be here. Most of us aren't so quick to jump to sarcasm and ridicule.