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NES Bio Miracle Baby Upa hack

NES Bio Miracle Baby Upa hack
by on (#178770)
Hi all,

Could really use some help with altering NES Bio Miracle Baby Upa just a bit as I've see other hacked games done before.

On the positive side, the game play stays basically the same.

I would however like to change the main character's appearance and add a few more sprites for the main character to alternate forms at the beginning of a few different levels.

The main project is probably that I would need help switching the levels around.

I've been told by a hacker that the availability of some sort of documented data, an advanced editor level download can likely help with this.

I also would like to add screen shots of the game (.jpgs) to each of the black screens that introduce the levels.

...Also need a good music programmer who can take my mp3s to re-record in whatever way necessary to add my music to the game. I can cut down the duration of songs as far as needed.

Would be thankful for any assistance with finding the advanced download or a music programmer, or just general advice as pertains to my project.

Was thinking of maybe buying one of the CD-roms of this game available on eBay, although they are Japan/Famicom versions apparently.....I also have the original .nes file & Tile Layer Pro downloaded, but am not finding it easy and would prefer working with an experienced programmer....anyway, help would be most appreciated! Thanks
Re: NES Bio Miracle Baby Upa hack
by on (#178771)
Have you tried asking on the forum? Usually there are people more akin to this sort of thing there. (Nothing wrong with asking here though!)

The project/proposal you have is actually quite large and complex considering what all you're wanting to do. Just something to keep in mind.

Have you ever done any kind of romhacking before, and if so, to what calibre/scale?

Also, you should be specific when finding someone: you're wanting to do a romhack of the Famicom cartridge release, from the sound of it (re: mention of .nes files), not the Famicom Disk System release. This matters, especially if the ROM has to be extended in size (FDS games are quite different in this regard than cartridge games).
Re: NES Bio Miracle Baby Upa hack
by on (#178772)
Hi, thanks for replying..yes, I just posted it there as well.

Nope, I've done no hacking and never had a game hacked.

I do feel as though the game play is mostly set already, I just want to switch a few things around....