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Bad Mapper or Bad Dump

Bad Mapper or Bad Dump
by on (#176197)
I see everywhere rom 1100 in 1 mapper is 15 in 1(a 100 in 1 contra function clone) game is unplayable in every emulator
but chr can be seen in yy -chr tool this multicart has rating 5.0/10 but im dont know how people can play in it
:roll: i know little c++ in mapper documentation there is one coment:
posible bus conficts??
is there way to rewrite mapper mean fix irq and overclock cpu (extra cycles) and add illegal opcode or mapper is good but ppu suck :roll:
or its bad dump
one more thing apu play sound perfectly :roll:
Re: Bad Mapper or Bad Dump
by on (#176201)
[b1] means bad dump.
Also the rom you posted says it's menu only. (also music is stolen from Booby Kids)
Re: Bad Mapper or Bad Dump
by on (#176203)
thank you for answer