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WUDSN KickAss Setup - How To?

WUDSN KickAss Setup - How To?
by on (#172857)
Hi folks,

I'm just starting to get my hands wet with with 8-bit assembler and wanted to use the WUDSN IDE (or rather Eclipse 4.x with the plugin) and with the KickAssembler. I downloaded the KickAssembler and configured its path, but when I click "Compile and Run" under "Assembler", the IDE complains

"Path to MADS compiler executable not set".

But I don't want to use the MADS executable, I want to use the KickAssembler. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any hint.

Re: WUDSN KickAss Setup - How To?
by on (#172858)
Never mind, I just figured it out. I had to

- set the KickAssembler as the default application for the ".asm" filetype in Eclipse's general settings
- and then close the file and load it again

Now the example KickAssembler sourcefile compiles and runs in VICE.