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Sound effects organization

Sound effects organization
by on (#165380)
In FamiTone, you can use up to four sound channels/layers. (Not to be confused with the channels pulse 1, pulse 2, triangle, noise, samples.)
I.e. two sounds on different channels can be played simulatenously while sounds playing on the same channel cancel the previous one.

Now, a stylistic question:
What would you suggest, how should I organize my sound effects?
Which kind of sound effects should go on which channel?
And should there even be a clear separation (like the jumping sound is always on channel 1, the attacking sound always on 2) or should I declare it in a way that the channels cycle? (The first sound, whatever it is, is played on channel 1, the 2nd on 2, 3rd on 3, 4th on 4 and the fifth on channel 1 again.)
Re: Sound effects organization
by on (#165381)
If you can't dynamically remap a pulse sound effect between pulse 1 and 2, you might want to put your melody on pulse 2 so that sound effects on pulse 1 interrupt the harmony, not the melody. If you can, you might want to play the sound effect on whatever channel isn't in use by another sound effect. I don't know if FamiTone can remap a pulse sound effect, but Pently can.
Re: Sound effects organization
by on (#165385)
I use Famitone 2 and this is what I do. Not perfect, but works:

Channel 0 -> Player.
Channel 1 -> Aux
Channel 2 -> Enems.
Channel 3 -> World.

Player is whichever sounds the player makes: jump, for example.
Aux may be for a second player or for stuff I have to trigger at the same time as other sound in other channel. In shooters with jump, shoots go here so they don't cancel jumps.
Enems are sounds enemies make: shoot, die, etc.
World are sounds the level make (such as lock open, tile moved, etc.)

Of course I break my rules continuosly, but most of the time they are this way and it usually work nice. I break a rule when I find something doesn't sound quite right.