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Wheel of Infinite Fortune [article link]

Wheel of Infinite Fortune [article link]
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Re: Wheel of Infinite Fortune [article link]
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Aw, he doesn't seem to have shared his work :(
Re: Wheel of Infinite Fortune [article link]
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lidnariq wrote:
Aw, he doesn't seem to have shared his work :(
The top of the blog post links to a Reddit thread, which includes this link to the missing

zeroone: Is the modified ROM available for download?
cnbeau: Alas no, for fear that someone at Merv Griffin Enterprises is on the lookout for 30-year-old copyright infringement. But if you could somehow locate the original ROM, maybe the following python3 script would build the new one for you ... f64d6910d2

Also, the various code snippets on the blog post are linked to GitHub versions. If you go up one level from any of those, that's an alternative way to find the he didn't explicitly share in the blog post.

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The blog post says:
There's almost certainly a lookup table in the game logic that gives the memory address of the first puzzle in each category [...]. There might be a lookup table that lists the memory offset for each puzzle. [...] In the end I decided to be paranoid and ensure that each new puzzle has the same category and number of characters as the old puzzle.

I guess the author of the blog post either didn't search to see if others had done similar work or didn't think of good enough search terms to find others' work. Googling NES "Wheel of Fortune" hacking OR format got me links like this:

These pages suggest there is a pointer for every puzzle, although they don't explain how to modify the categories.