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How can I port tapedump on disk system?

How can I port tapedump on disk system?
by on (#160536)
Hi! I am Tamanegi_taro and trying to port tapedump for disk system so that I can write tapedump on disksystem to dump some games.
I am newbie for NES development and still cannot successfully port the software on disksystem.
Tapedump 1.0 and fds writing extension which are developed by ccovell can be found in link below:

Tapedump 1.0 do not include disksystem fds format file and fds writing extension do not include dump function, so I decided to port tapedump 1.0 to disksystem by myself.
Since tapedump use memory address of 0x8000 and 0xE000 for program and 0x0000 for character data, I replaced program on 0xE000 to 0xA000 to release 0xE000 for disksystem bios.

In TapeDump.asm, I modified line 105
.bank 3
.org $E000
.bank 1
.org $A000

I also replaced vector address from 0xFFFA to 0xDFFA by replacing line 837 from
.org $FFFA
.bank 2
.org $DFFA

Compiled tapedump using nesasm and copy pasted compiled Tapedump on writing extention fds file without destroying fds file structure.
Ran tapedump fds on Virtuanes emulator + disksys bios. Bios boots perfectly and confirmed that all programs are placed on right memory position by looking at memory dump window but I get error when tapedump is just begin to boot.

Copy pasted compiled nes file to fds format file.

Bios boots fine but I get error on next screen.

Getting error. Sorry, error description is in Japanese.

Is there any tapedump fds file(not writing extension) available on any website?
Is there anything else I need to add on TapeDump.asm to run tapedump fds on disksystem?
Re: How can I port tapedump on disk system?
by on (#160538)
Well, an FDS bootable version of TapeDump is in the same thread you linked. Here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9909#p111232

Or was there something different that you were looking for?
Re: How can I port tapedump on disk system?
by on (#160541)
Yes! This is the file I was looking for.
Thank you!