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Interesting articles on NesDev

Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159404)
There's a whole wiki for NES development where everything is explained. However, much of the stuff is the pure technical details: Which bit does what etc.

So, my question is: As someone whose game is probably 80% finished and who therefore generally knows how NES programming works, what articles from the wiki would you suggest me to read that might contain useful information?

For example, today I found this:

Pretty interesting and important to know what's written there.

Also, some time ago, I read an article about the PPU and that you should buffer your PPU updates so that the NMI only needs to copy 1:1 etc.

So, what other articles should a developer read? Something that's not just a pure tech documentation, but actual articles that explain various things.
Re: Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159411)
I would read the APU stuff, since there's alot of little details that can be easily missed.

Although, I learned this from Nerdy Nights, and didn't see it anywhere in the wiki...
The sweep units can silence the square channels in certain situations (Periods >= $400, our lowest notes), even when disabled. We'll have to take a quick look at the sweep unit ports to solve this problem.

SQ1_SWEEP ($4001), SQ2_SWEEP ($4005)

|||||+++- Shift
||||+---- Negate
|+++----- Sweep Unit Period
+-------- Enable (1: enabled; 0: disabled)

I'm not going to go into how it works now, but the unwanted silencing of low notes can be circumvented by setting the negate flag:

It confused the hell out of me when I first started and couldn't get the low notes to play.
Re: Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159412)
Oh. I see it, under "APU sweep", though it reads a bit cryptic. It should just say " Hey, set the negate flag or your low notes won't play!"
Re: Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159413)
For the APU, I use Famitone.
Re: Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159414)
By the way, did you ever get a composer for your game? I'm 99% done with my current (apparently super top-secret) project.
Re: Interesting articles on NesDev
by on (#159415)
Yes, I did.