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Testing on real hardware

Testing on real hardware
by on (#158706)
What options do I have to test on real hardware? I have seen the PowerPaK and the EverDrive, just wondering what is recommended before I shell out the cash.
Re: Testing on real hardware
by on (#158708)
Both are very good, but there are 2 reasons I prefer the Everdrive:

1- It uses a storage media that's not outdated (SD/microSD vs. the PowerPak's CompactFlash);
2- It's cheaper;

Both have very capable hardware, but the software support is different because the creators of both cartridges have different priorities. If your main goal is to run your own software, and you're not using obscure or overly complex mappers, both carts will serve the purpose just fine.
Re: Testing on real hardware
by on (#158709)
Re: Testing on real hardware
by on (#158712)
Also, someone else recently asked the exact same question, so you might want to check out that thread. For the simple mappers, Memblers' kit sounds great.