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Murasame castle?

Murasame castle?
by on (#139973)
The 3DS has a game called Murasame Castle--which is really a Famicom game translated officially for the first time ever on the 3DS virtual console.

The game has been dumped. So does this game contain a translated ROM and has anyone managed to extract the translated ROM and emulate it separately from the 3DS?

Edit: Now that I find out more about it I'm not sure if they translated it at all or just ported the Japanese version in which case this may be irrelevant.
Re: Murasame castle?
by on (#139983)
It still isn't necessarily irrelevant since they could have patched something else too, even if minor (which seems to be pretty common for virtual console releases).
Re: Murasame castle?
by on (#140219)
I was under the impression that it was the original Japanese ROM, but I've never tried it.