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NES games repro

NES games repro
by on (#132030)
I would like to make a Flintstone surprise at dinosaur peak repro for my own use, using Mad Max as donor cart.
I would like to know how the ''wiring'' system is working: how to know when I need to ''wire'' my eproms to the board?
Could someone please give me the instruction on how to proceed with this reproduction?
(ps: I will buy my eproms on Buyicnow)

I really appreciate if a gentleman explain me how to do it, because in the future I will be able to make more game and enjoy the 8bit system :)
Thanks a lot for your time!
Re: NES games repro
by on (#132033)
This really belongs in the hardware forum, but...

1) Unless you have a good reason to use an EPROM, use a 29F0x0 series FLASH rom instead. It will write much faster, erase much faster, and is easier to use (no wacky programming voltage). I suppose if you are buying these pre-programmed then EPROM is fine. Both will work on the system, just the FLASH is much easier to use if you can.
2) Determine the size needed for your ROMs. you will need two, one for PRG data and one for CHR data (unless your game uses CHR-RAM).
3) Find a suitable donor board. I will assume the one you have chosen is already the correct mapper and has the needed amount of WRAM if that's an issue.
4) This page will tell you about the pinout of the ROMs already on your Mad Max board.
5) Desolder the Mad Max mask ROMs.
6) Match the wires from the FLASH ROM to the appropriate holes where the ROMs were before. It may be possible to do this with only minor re-wiring, much of the JEDEC-standard pinout will already match up.
7) Any unused address lines should be tied to GND or VCC. It does not really matter (as long as you have repeated the data properly) as long as they are tied to one or the other.
8) Play the game
Re: NES games repro
by on (#132076)
I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here (this has certainly been brought up many times), but you just happen to want to make a private reproduction of one of the rarest nes games?

Like a lot of these "private use repros" this seems fishy.
Re: NES games repro
by on (#132079)
It's a bog standard TLROM. Try this:

  1. Buy a PowerPak or EverDrive-N8. These are adapters to use camera memory cards with a Nintendo Entertainment System. I own a PowerPak, as does NovaSquirrel.
  2. Load the ROM image and the latest mapper support package for your adapter on a blank CF or SD card.
  3. Insert the card into the adapter and the adapter into your NES Control Deck.
  4. Turn on the NES.
  5. Select the game from the menu.
Re: NES games repro
by on (#132086)
Tepples/Memblers/myself can discuss this elsewhere if needed, but I'm also suspicious of the intentions here, meaning I do not believe what was said in the original post is necessarily truthful, combined with a very low post count. There are too many "hmmms" here. As such I'm going to lock the thread.

Consider this a warning: we're fine with discussing certain repos, but repos for financial gain or even "collector hoarding" (i.e. making repos to then hoard/store for periods of time solely to resell later for large amounts of money) is generally shunned on this forum. If you have ulterior motives which are you own, you are actually better off telling the truth than trying to be sneaky about it (if that is what you're doing -- nobody here knows for sure, but multiple people (more than just the ones who posted in this thread) are just as suspicious).