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FCEUX CDL byte format

FCEUX CDL byte format
by on (#123271)
Anyone have any info on what the bytes directly correspond to? The help file is just specifically for the hex editor in fceux itself (color coded), and doesn't really help me. I'm trying to use the CDL file with my own app.
Re: FCEUX CDL byte format
by on (#123272)
Here you go. ... ogger.html

Scroll down. That page, here is a sample but it's formatted poorly here.
Byte - xPdcAADC

 C = Whether it was accessed as code.

 D = Whether it was accessed as data.

 AA = Into which ROM bank it was mapped when last accessed:

    00 = $8000-$9FFF        01 = $A000-$BFFF

    10 = $C000-$DFFF        11 = $E000-$FFFF

 c = Whether indirectly accessed as code.
      (e.g. as the destination of a JMP ($nnnn) instruction)

 d = Whether indirectly accessed as data.
      (e.g. as the destination of an LDA ($nn),Y instruction)

 P = If logged as PCM audio data.

 x = unused.

*Edited formatting to be better.
Re: FCEUX CDL byte format
by on (#123277)
Oh weird, I couldn't scroll the page further - originally. Seems to scroll fine now. Thanks :)