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NES gun games

NES gun games
by on (#121708)
Forgive me if this is the wrong forum.... I'm trying to find out if there are any NES light gun games that are 2 player simultaneous.

Thank you
Re: NES gun games
by on (#121711)
Tepples's ZapPing. Maybe AGCI's Chiller? Any games that are 2 zappers simultaneous can only have been released for the NES, because the Famicom doesn't connect the relevant wires.
Re: NES gun games
by on (#121712)
Duck Hunt is kind of two player, as you can control the duck.
Re: NES gun games
by on (#121713)
I ask this because I am making a "NES to jamma" pcb. With the release of the "NES RGB" ppu replacement, I can now feed rgb to an arcade monitor. I plan on mounting the NES controller socket to my adapter so the gun will plug and play... But I didn't know if I need to add 2 sockets for 2 guns. It sounds like it may not be worth adding a second socket with only a few games using 2 guns..... I didn't realize you could control the duck in duck hunt.

Any other games out there?

I'm in the final stages of my schematic. Thanks for any and all input!

Re: NES gun games
by on (#121722)
AFAIK, Chiller is the only one.