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by on (#114824)
To create a TKSROM-01 Cart, from what I read you will need to use a TKROM cart but modify the following...
On The TKSROM is that the A17 of CHR ROM connected directly to the A10 of the CHIRAM line, instad of to the MMC3's CIRAM A10 output.
If I modify that I should be okay. I know, some people have done this for a Ys III cart, I was just curious.



Some gave me the following information below:

cut trace from cart edge 22 to mmc3 pin 10 (ciram A10)
connect cart edge 22 to mmc pin 12 (chr A17)
cut trace to chr hole 1 (from mmc3? not sure didn't write that part down)
I think I skipped the last step since T*S only supports 128K chr, so it doesn't matter what's going to A17

I want to finish my Ys III cart collection and I don't quite know how to finish this one up. Anyway have any advice.

I think all I need is a TKROM cart and cut the trace from edge 22 to the 10th pin of MMC3 (the A10) and the connect the 22 to pin 12 of MMC3.

I think the information above is right. Any advice?