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Modifying SMB to scroll faster?

Modifying SMB to scroll faster?
by on (#113338)
Sega used to say that Sonic was the fastest video game character. But Mario is quite fast too, especially when you hold down the B button.

Then I thought about, what if SMB scrolling was multiplied with 2. Would probably mean that the game would be quite impossible to play.

Still it would be fun to play it that way. Has anyone tried to modify it this way? Perhaps a Game Genie code could get this effect?
Re: Modifying SMB to scroll faster?
by on (#113347)
Super Mario Bros is a little bit slow in how it updates the background as you move forward, so moving faster might outrace the screen updates.
Edit: Speed limit for Mario 1 is 4 pixels per frame before getting glitches.

Speculation: Mario 3 on the other hand would probably let you move as fast as 8 pixels per frame.
Edit: Speed limit for Mario 3 is also 4 pixels per frame. But it doesn't catch up like SMB1 does, it just leaves the glitches on the screen if you are moving too fast.

For Mario 1 & 3
Walking speed: 1.5px/frame
Running speed: 2.5px/frame
P-meter full running speed: 3.5px/frame (mario 3 only)
Speed limit before the game glitches out: 4px/frame

Then there's MC Kids, that game has no problem moving at 8 pixels per frame, you can see that happen when you hit the 'go back to start' block.