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NES programming tutorial

NES programming tutorial
by on (#112771)
Which good tutorial can you suggest me that deals with programming games for the NES?
I know I could just use Google, but I wouldn't know which tutorial is good.

In the end I want to be able to program a simple, small game, without scrolling, but with changing levels.
I already know how to program with high level languages like C++ (i.e. I could probably write "Donkey Kong" in a few days if I didn't have to learn DirectX first and could just use SDL or SFML for the graphics output and the music, so that I can concentrate on the game logic). But I have absolutely zero knowledge about Assembler. (Knowing how to use pointers is probably the most low-level stuff I ever came into contact with.)
So, which tutorial would be good for me? And how long would it probably take to know all the things to build such a game?
Re: NES programming tutorial
by on (#112774)
Nerdy Nights ( ... eadid=7155) is pretty much the only viable option.

It's also worth considering writing the game in C, see ... s_in_c.htm for a short introduction.
Re: NES programming tutorial
by on (#112805)
Thanks. Especially the one about programming in C looks pretty cool. And the game basically has everything I'd need.